Stages of aging are as plentiful as the number of years you have been alive. It truly is an individual event. The first time you “feel” old can be many years after the first time you look old to yourself in the mirror or others make an unassuming comment.

20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s 100 and beyond

Janet is a zealous health-minded medical esthetician and advocate for aging adults. With a strong business background she ownes and manages both patient advocate and skin care businesses. They both give me insights into the reality of growing older gracefully. I have been in the clinical field of anti-aging skin care for over 25 years. With the insights, I gained from patients, I found I am vitalized when working or helping those struggling with realities of aging ranging from cognitive functions, unwanted weight gain, cosmetic issues, dynamics of family relationships and healthy options available to them.

My niche is medical aesthetics for acne and aging skin while remaining as healthy as can be. I am comfortable with natural aging skin care as well as different modalities for home use or office visits with our Doctor.

I help my clients identify unique barriers to emotional health. My strategic approach, Bio-Psycho-Social. Biology, the genetics we inherited, psychological, examines intellectual personality and impact on how we feel, and sociological explores the impact that our social environment has on choices. Traversing the nutraceutical options together will help all aging issues improve.








We are waiting for you…

We are waiting for you…