Stages of aging are as plentiful as the number of years you have been alive. It truly is an individual event. The first time you “feel” old can be many years after the first time you look old to yourself in the mirror or others make an unassuming comment.

20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s 100 and beyond

At Paula Dunn Aesthetics we take an interest in the entire person. The health of our patients and clients is always realtive and very important for the best outcome with our skincare and beyond.

Health Tips for 20’s

Form a healthy relationship with food and alcohol, everything in moderation. The habits you form can make a lasting impression for a long healthy life. Stay away from tobacco, smoking and vaping will do harm, now or later. Turn down opioids as a pain killer option, choose a non addictive instead. Have mental health days where you can take the time to check in and set regular goals and expectations that includes relationships with friends and family. Think of prevention with the sun. Wear sunscreen and cover your skin especially if you have hormonal acne. The best way to get not get scars is not to get sun burned. Don’t get too worried about the small things. Be accountable to what you know is important.


 Skin Tips for 30’s

You may have noticed in your 30s your skin is starting to change the way it looks and feels. You are no longer making collagen 24/7, so now's the time to avoid getting the damage that you could no longer repair on your own. Major damage is the sun the best way to avoid sun damage is to prevent with sunscreens and being indoors during the hottest hours of the day. Avoiding the sun along with bad habits like smoking that reduces the oxygen in your skin and dehydration that comes from drinking. Once again everything in moderation. Water is your number one friend, hydrating from the inside and starting to use moisturizer and specialty creams for the very thin skin of the eyes will help prevent the deep wrinkles from forming.





We are waiting for you…

We are waiting for you…