The increasing demand for patient advocates has created a new professional market for services provided directly to the individual patient independent of the hospital that was largely nonexistent just a decade ago. We are here to help you.  Just ask and see what the possibalities can be.

 Prevention Services     

  • Health planning is key. We start with listening and go from there.

  • Pain Management

  • Drug reviews

  • Health coaching

  • Weight Loss

  •  Medical / Navigational Assistance and Case Management

  • Diagnosis and treatment review of recommendations and options, assistance with decision-making

  • Background research:diagnosis and/or treatment options

  • Records review and discussion

  • Prescriptions / Supplements / Medication Reviews

  • Preparation for appointments

  • Accompaniment to appointments

  • » End of Life Planning Services

  • In-home nursing care

  • Home therapy and rehabilitation

  • Daily living assistance

  • Assisted living and nursing home recommendations

  • Hospice and palliative care services

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