Jan and her team bridge the gap between the people we serve and the people who serve them.


The increasing demand for patient advocates has created a new professional market for services provided directly to the individual patient independent of the hospital that was largely nonexistent just a decade ago. I have a keen interest in helping people and family members navigate their needs. I earned a Bachalor of Arts degree in Psychology concentrating on the aging population. I am continuing my education to obtain a Master’s Degree in Nursing. I am currently committed to helping others who need help to better their lives through empathetic understanding. The “treatments or tools ” we recommend from twenty, ten, or as little as five years ago are based on general guidelines, maybe not the best “treatment or tools” of today. Knowledge and advances are made every year to alleviate the fear and anxiety of aging. I am thrilled to be involved with the research and the engine that drives all of these developments in our aging process.

As an entrepreneur and business owner I specialize in advanced anti-aging skin treatments, training education and advancement in clinical aesthetics. I have had many opportunities to be an observant, caring individual and role model where aging is more than just getting older.

My vast clinical experience ensures patients receive the utmost in professional care. My professional consulting to medical professionals, and other private businesses led me to pursue becoming a personal milestone life coach and professional speaker to groups with topics including intimacy, caring for a loved one who is aging, dementia, caring for the caregiver and all stages of ages.





  The interaction or cooperation of two or more people will produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.  Definiation of Synergy; Oxford Dictionary

Navigating The System Can Change Daily

What is the most helpful part of having an advocate?



 Employ-A-Confidant you can trust?

Everyone can use an advocate to help them with basic needs, filling out forms for life care choices, getting proper nutrition and exercise advice based on your personal needs. But when it come to needing a knowledgeabe, caring person to navigate and look out for your needs with no obligation or affliation with insurances or hospitals an independant advocate like myself can be your lifeline, and woth every penny. 


One of my clients gave me a nickname "rent-a-daughter" when he or his brother or sister could not get the time off to help their mother with her medication routine.  I like the name and treat my clients like family.

Mission of H.A.R.T.

Jan's goal is cooperative interaction.   Health Advocate Resource Team is dedicated to getting the story even if that means visiting the doctor with the you, the client, and writing down information that you receive from your caregivers, as well as any questions that you may have.  This helps with any miscommunication between providers and family.  I know from experience it takes more than one person to listen and understand, take control, make calls, get rest and well, the list goes on and on... 

Simple and effective communication is a key.  Gathering all the information from your primary care and any specialist to look at the situation with fresh eyes to assist with any choices or decisions you want known to others now or at a later date is important.  Colaberation with your family members and legal advisors to get you what you desire to happen is my job.  Assuring you that your wishes are carried out when you may not be able to do that by yourself.  Standing for you when you can no longer stand, being heard for you when you have no voice.  


“There is no joy without hardship. If not for death, would we appreciate life? If not for hate, would we know the ultimate goal is love? At these moments you can either hold on to negativity and look for blame, or you can choose to heal and keep on loving.”
— Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (The Wheel of Life, 1997)

What we have accomplished

  • We set up meal plans, shopping trips and meal preperation.

  • We get an exercise or movement program with mental stimulation involved.

  • We pushed through a WW2 Vetrin his DD214 in two weeks for a proper milatary burial.

  • We take stress off our clients and their family by knowing what questions to ask the staff.

  • We minimize hospital procedures by having the appropriet paperwork filed and available.

  • We have extended hospital stays for clients with unsafe conditions in the home until we made the transitions safe for their return.

My first business, no longer needed due to advancements in technology.  A great comfort to famalies.

  • We can put up safety rails and lights for a safer environment for many seniors.

  • We have installed safety cameras in the kitchens for easy to view meal prep for those independent seniors aging in place.

  • We work closly with hospice and pallietive care to assure the absolute best possible transition for the terminally ill.

  • Medication management to prevent mistakes at home.